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Unipan Bakery Freeze

Welcome to Unipan, a company in love with bakery products which has always been geared towards the production of bread and leavened products of various kinds. The typical style of our work processes is the result of a constant analysis of tastes and consumption needs. PanScrò is our flagship product, developed by the skilled hands of founder Sascha Patrik Goffi, who presents us with an original snack suitable for any type of filling – sweet or savoury. It is delicious even on its own! It has the flavour and features of good Italian bread, but looks like a croissant – crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The range is enriched with the Focaccia line, from the timeless classic flat bread, to a variety of delicious stuffed types, available in various sizes, one for every occasion of use – home or professional. FocacciaScrò completes our journey into the company, giving us the fragrance of freshly baked focaccia, with the softness that makes this rustic leavened product unique – and obviously available in many sizes and fillings.

Classic Panscrò®

Stuffed Panscrò®

Sweet Panscrò®

Raw Materials

For our preparations, we select dedicated flour blends from qualified suppliers, like all other raw materials used in our factories. Each recipe is conceived to be appetising and balanced, rich in taste and tradition, with moderate use of fats and sugars.



Your bakery products…with a sea view

Unipan Srl is situated in the hills of San Costanzo, in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, an example of the typical Marche landscape where the hinterland is embraced by the sea. It is precisely this superb backdrop that inspired Mr Goffi to convey this land/sea combination through his products, thus obtaining a balanced variety of textures, flavours and aromas. The hills descending to the sea have witnessed Unipan’s adventure since its inception in 1994, when the company was called Il Pane del Nonno; little by little, it then grew and acquired warehouses and machinery, giving rise to many ideas over time. What has remained unchanged over the years, however, is the special care and focus on the whole manufacturing process, carried out with state-of-the-art equipment and tools, and enhanced by hand processing.